Day 29: Goals for the next 30 days.

  • Complete my internship. Make the necessary price, promotion and employee relationship changes at work, get sales up and increasing. Ace at it all.
  • Explore Miami while I’m here. There’s so much I have yet to see here.
  • Shop some. So many cute flats out there!
  • Own Apple, Blackberry and HTC. Two down, one to go. Just two more days and goal completed.
  • Stop being shy. If he is begging for your number, then give it to him! Goodness I hate myself.
  • Head back home, see my family, parrots, and friends!
  • Be part of the Women2Drive revolution in Saudi when I get back? Let’s see.

Day 28: Something that you miss.

My girls and all the fun we had during our high school days, when everyone called us “Asia’s Pussycat Dolls” haha!! Those were good times! 

Day 27: A problem(s) that you have had.

  • I have a ridiculous addiction to the worst foods for my body. I fail to stay motivated to stay on a healthy diet and exercise plan I would design for myself, unless it’s dancing. That I can do for hours.
  • I look way too young for my age, I have a thin high-pitched voice, I talk too sweetly to elders and new people, and I am too nice; which makes most of the world find me adorable, but still some fail to take big words and ideas out of me seriously. Unless, well, I suit up and talk louder. Then I am feared as authority.
  • Not speaking up when I should have, trusting the worst kind of people and wishing them all good for their future. Now, I have a tendency to walk around like my middle name is Karma. I am determined to give people a taste of their own medicine, teach them a lesson I think they much deserve to learn.

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Day 26: Someone who fascinates you and why.

The most recent person I admire is Anuradha Koirala, a social activist from Nepal helping victims of sex trafficking. She has saved countless number of young girls, given them a home, help reunite them with their families. 

It’s people like her that live a life worth living, that balance how negatively I view the people of the world. I wanna make that big, that humane, of a difference someday, for someone, just like Koirala did.



Day 25: What kind of person attracts you.

Tall. Strong. Dark hair. Smart. Good hygiene. Walks the talk. Less than 2% asshole. Hopefully he exists 0.o

Day 24: Your favorite movie and what it’s about.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

It’s about a young woman trying to make her way in the world, whatever way she could. A character I understand and relate to, Holly lived to be independent, didn’t want to belong to anyone [which is why she always talked about wild horses]. She always tried to keep herself from getting attached to anyone or anything [which is why she never named her cat].

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I’ll spare the spoilers, it’s a movie every female alive should to be obliged to watch.

Day 23: How much have you changed in the past 2 years.

  • I think I grew taller by an inch or two, I’ve put on about 10 pounds, maybe even more, but I lose most of it over summers and gain it back over winters.
  • Sabrina, my alter ego, was born. That was a goodbye to 100% Miss Can-Do-No-Wrong. The name has surprisingly made me more confident, less shy, and given me the strength to believe in myself and to stand up for what I think is right. But I’m still a chameleon: different formal and informal etiquette.
  • Finally came out of an on-and-off 4-5 year relationship, and happily stayed single for over a year with zero to few moments of wishing I was in a new relationship already. I used to be able to see myself happily married in the future, but that has faded to seeing myself happy single and simply building my career. #DontNeedNoMan

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Day 22: One of your favorite shows.

Lie To Me Birches!

Lie To Me. =)

Day 21: How important do you think education is?

Very. Especially in today’s world. It’s not just about completing high school or college, it’s learning about everything around you, and familiarizing yourself with what is going on in the world. Education is the key that will open all sorts of doors for you, and it’s the best sort of investment anyone can make towards their future.

They say Seek Knowledge From Cradle To The Grave; well, that is exactly what I live by. Learning never stops.