My lover is fair as an American soldier can be.

To him I looked dark as a Talib, so he martyred me.


— I Am The Beggar Of The World: Landays from Contemporary Afghanistan

"We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing."

— Charles Bukowski

"Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said that be afraid, from the curse of the oppressed as there is no screen between his invocation and Allah."

— Sahih Muslim: 19


how do israelis even live with themselves like how the hell do you bitches even sleep at night tbh

Having no conscience is how.


A Health Ministry inspector poured bleach over pots full of food in a Sudanese restaurant in Tel Aviv Sunday night.

The inspector, from the ministry’s district office for Tel Aviv, was participating in a raid by police and municipal inspectors on illegal businesses owned by African migrants. Altogether, the raid shut down 10 businesses in the city’s Neveh Sha’anan neighborhood, confiscating their equipment and welding the doors shut. The equipment was then loaded onto vans by other African migrants who had been hired as contract workers.

Many diners saw the inspector pouring bleach on the food, and one, asylum-seeker Aladin Abaker from Sudan’s Darfur region, posted photos of the incident on his Facebook page. He also described his feelings of humiliation.

“Everyone − except the destroyers − was in tears from the humiliation,” he wrote. “The waitress told us, ‘I’ve seen very harsh things in my life, like torture in Sinai, but this humiliated me more than what happened to me in Sinai.”

Abaker accused the inspector of “insensitivity to people and their culture, which sees food as a sacred thing that must be respected,” and said the raid was aimed at “embittering our lives so we’ll return to Africa ‘voluntarily.’”

Altogether, he said, more than 200 kilograms of meat, chicken and fish and over 500 prepared meals were destroyed.

The inspectors said they didn’t know where the meat came from and therefore feared for the diners’ health, Abaker wrote. “We told them: But this is the only place we’ve eaten all our meals for four years now, and none of us ever had stomach problems. Even whites eat here.”

The Health Ministry responded that inspectors had discovered “deplorable sanitary conditions, food stored under unsuitable conditions and temperatures, and food from unknown sources. In order to preserve the public’s health and that of the diners themselves, it was decided to destroy the food immediately. As part of the process of destroying the food, chemicals suitable to this purpose are used. It should be noted that this was a routine process of food destruction that is no different from other destructions of food/meat.”

Tel Aviv’s deputy city manager, Ruby Zelof, said the raids were carried out “to eradicate the undesirable phenomenon of businesses operating illegally, with sanitation and safety problems and illegal connections to electricity and water, and sales of alcoholic beverages without permits.”

Haaretz | Photo credit: Aladin Abaker

Israel is deporting Africans and also planning to put tens of thousands into detention camps.

Knesset Member Miri Regev — a member of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud Party — called the refugees “a cancer in our body” and Danny Danon — also a Likud Knesset Member — wrote on his Facebook page referring to the Africans as “infiltrators”. Interior Minister Eli Yishai said the African asylum seekers threaten “the Zionist dream,” adding, “Jobs will root them here.”

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This right here. The world is not paying enough attention to Muslim genocide in Palestine or Burma, at the hands of the government officials for the most part, and then condemn countries like Pakistan where a few Christian people get killed at the hands of radical, illiterate civilians.

There is just not enough one can do to spread awareness when people see it and choose to ignore it.

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Truth of the matter.

Truth of the matter.

And these never made endless days of headlines.

June 8, 2008
Six people, most of them tied to the militia movement, are arrested in rural north-central Pennsylvania after officials find stockpiles of assault rifles, improvised explosives and homemade weapons, at least some of them apparently intended for terrorist attacks on U.S. officials.

October 24, 2008
Two white supremacists, Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman, are arrested in Tennessee for allegedly plotting to assassinate Barack Obama and murder more than 100 black people.

April 30, 2010
Darren Huff, an Oath Keeper from Georgia, is arrested and charged with planning the armed takeover of a Madisonville, Tenn., courthouse and “arrest” of 24 local, state and federal officials.

July 21, 2010
Attorney Todd Getgen is shot to death at a gun range in Cumberland County, Penn., and his weapon, a silenced AR-15 rifle, is stolen. Authorities arrest prison guard Raymond Peake nine days later, saying Peake was trying to accumulate weapons for an unnamed organization that intended to overthrow the government.

Jan. 14, 2011
Federal agents in Arizona arrest Jeffery Harbin, a member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement, for allegedly building homemade grenades and pipe bombs that he apparently intended to supply to anti-immigration groups patrolling the Mexican border.

March 10, 2011
Six members of the antigovernment Alaska Peacemakers Militia, including its leader, Francis Schaeffer Cox, 28, are arrested and charged with plotting to kill or kidnap state troopers and a Fairbanks judge.

Jan. 17, 2011
Bomb technicians defuse a sophisticated improvised explosive device (IED) found in a backpack along the Spokane, Wash., route of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade with 1,500 marchers. Using forensic clues found in the dismantled bomb, officials about two months later identify and arrest Kevin William Harpham, a long-time neo-Nazi.

October 5, 2011
White supremacist ex-convict David “Joey” Pedersen, 31, and his girlfriend, Holly Ann Grigsby, 24, are arrested in California after a murderous rampage in three states.

November 1, 2011
Four members of an unnamed North Georgia militia are arrested in an alleged plot to bomb federal buildings, attack cities including Atlanta with deadly ricin, and murder law enforcement officials.

December 10, 2011
Four soldiers, later identified as members of a militia-type group called Forever Enduring, Always Ready (FEAR), are arrested for murdering 19-year-old former soldier and group member Michael Roark and his 17-year-old girlfriend, Tiffany York, because they feared the pair would talk about the group’s plans.

April 17, 2012
Joseph Benjamin Thomas and Samuel James Johnson of Mendota Heights, Minn., are indicted on federal weapons and drug charges following an investigation into their alleged plans to form a white supremacist group called the “Aryan Liberation Movement” and commit violence against minorities, leftists and government officials.

So, who is the real terrorist?

So, who is the real terrorist?

Too Afraid?

It is no breaking news I am a bottle full of anger, hidden from most pretty well. Most of it comes from existing chauvinism and ignorance. And cowardice. I dream in my sleep of guns and fights, I daydream about punching some people to death. But based on my physical strength, that is just not going to happen. You could say disturbed, but my blood boils on several issues.

Right in this moment, if I could be a leader, I would lead my country to back up Palestine. The last week full of Israel-Gaza headlines has pretty much made me mad. And I do not understand why and how the world continues to remain blind to what is really going on. And they are all accepting of a clear massacre and taking over land. And worse, have been granted immunity. They can kill and control how much food comes in, and they get away with it. I say it’s a shame Iran is the only one trying and suggesting help. They are the only ones fearless right now. Everybody else in the Middle East, go jump off a cliff.

That is why the world should be lead by younger people. You might say they will mess up the economy, but trust me, they won’t have ulterior hidden motives and they won’t be as thirsty for riches that they approve of murder. Young people live by “live and let live” and if that was the motto of every leader right now, the world and the economy would be so simple.

Like why don’t the old leaders get one simple thing? At most, you have 15 to 20 more years on you, and you are not getting any sexier. You might as well earn the majority’s love and respect before you lie down in your grave and see what you really did.

If there is anything I know, the first place to start would be to unite. You united during the uprise, you unite now, as a whole country, to stand up for the innocents in Palestine. They had over 90% of their land stolen from them in a very very short time, and Israel has all the support it could ask for. Yeah, I am speaking in favour of another Gulf War. Let’s see what they can do when a bunch of countries attack Israel. Be destroyed in two days for sure.

Yeah, that is another story what America and Britain are going to do, but have you Arabs forgotten WHO and WHAT you are supposed to fear more than death? Have you!??

PTSD or Just-Doing-The-Job: The Afghan Massacre

I’ve never felt a blood boil as strong as the word “allegedly” has made me feel recently. I read three articles today about the recent Afghan massacre of 16 women and kids, well, allegedly just by one man. Who is now being mass-diagnosed with PTSD. 

No sane person would commit such an act. So it seems safe to assume that there is some sort of mental health issue—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or something considerably worse—at play.

Yes, such an act of inhumanity is insanity. But come on now - PTSD is his defense?? If you’re one of those living in the dark, blindly believing mass media’s allegations of a brain disorder to have caused such an act, I feel deeply sorry for you. Go educate yourself. 

First, US soldiers allegedly burn the Quran. Sure, like that is not provoking at all. Well, since you say all is fair in love and war, so the use of fire to put out another fire is justified. They got what they asked for.

Then, Sergeant Psycho goes about killing the undoubtedly innocent that even biased media couldn’t try and prove to be potential terrorists. And the government defends the punishable-by-death by ever-so-popular-escape-from-trouble diagnosis of INSANE.

Little light for you all living in the dark believing the armed forces to be some sort of “heroes”:

In With the Old Breed, Marine Eugene B. Sledge not only describes his formerly perfectly normal comrades cutting gold teeth out of the mouths of still-living enemies but also watches as someone urinates into the mouth of a dead Japanese soldier.

When mass media gets brave enough to finally report some truth, we see history repeating in Afghanistan when the marines were caught urinating on Taliban corpses. FIIIIINNNNEEE… let’s imagine I believe they were terrorists. But wasn’t the task just to kill them? Or urinating on corpses is actually on a US Marine’s job description?

Very similar to Philip Caputo’s memoir A Rumor of War, in which his men joke, “Oh, excuse me, Mister Charlie,” after kicking the corpse of a teen whom they knew was not Viet Cong but shot anyway, for swiping a tree branch at them and running away.

Yeah, job description it seems like it.

And now, Mr Psycho has been flown out of Afghanistan to a secret location. Why? If he was indeed as psycho as the American government would like us to believe, why not have a trial on the grounds he committed this brutality? Very brave, “heroes”. 

Truth too hard to swallow, still? Are the direct confessions of ex-marines above not enough to tell you exactly how many “terrorists” they are killing to earn the title of “hero”?! You know what, call a soldier a fucking hero when he is on his own fucking land protecting his own country - not invading other lands and killing who knows how many people on their own lands for making the mistake of being spotted by him.