In Lebanon, a coalition of groups including several NGO’s and the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs launched a nationwide media campaign entitled “Be a Man. Real Men Take a Stand Against Violence.”

In a time where men in the Middle East are often vilified, campaigns that seek to engage and and uplift the voices of men who are working against violence against women is important work. Add this one to the growing list of cool efforts working to engage men and boys in creating a world without violence.

Are you fucking kidding me!? Okay so the government wants to hurt the people standing against it, but why go fucking hurt, beat, sexually assault, threaten a woman, a mother, a doctor who was mostly just fucking doing her job of saving lives!!! Damnit Middle East, your men are starting to fucking piss me off!!

Too Controversial for even the U.N. to acknowledge, reports have confirmed that most countries do not even recognize sexual abuse towards men as a crime

Sexual abuse towards men is especially high during times of war, almost as high as female rape victims. 

SMH at how every crime involving some kind of sexual abuse takes so much time to be acknowledged. SMH at how sexual desires drive a person these days.

Why though? Why inflict pain? Why risk the trouble for 2 minutes of pleasure? It does not make sense. Are people that deprived of enjoyment that sex is the only thing that could make them happy? Are people that much of psychopaths that they thrive off of making people suffer?

There’s so much in the world, but SMH at how they degrade down to their basic animal instincts. 

There’s just so much wrong with the world. It’s a shame advances in science and math and technology just does not seem to add any civilization. It only seems to be killing it.

*Note: Video contains some disturbing graphics of abused victims in prisons.*

Contrary to what the world believes it to be.

Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan are the world’s most dangerous countries for women due to a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape to dismal healthcare and “honor killings.