PTSD or Just-Doing-The-Job: The Afghan Massacre

I’ve never felt a blood boil as strong as the word “allegedly” has made me feel recently. I read three articles today about the recent Afghan massacre of 16 women and kids, well, allegedly just by one man. Who is now being mass-diagnosed with PTSD. 

No sane person would commit such an act. So it seems safe to assume that there is some sort of mental health issue—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or something considerably worse—at play.

Yes, such an act of inhumanity is insanity. But come on now - PTSD is his defense?? If you’re one of those living in the dark, blindly believing mass media’s allegations of a brain disorder to have caused such an act, I feel deeply sorry for you. Go educate yourself. 

First, US soldiers allegedly burn the Quran. Sure, like that is not provoking at all. Well, since you say all is fair in love and war, so the use of fire to put out another fire is justified. They got what they asked for.

Then, Sergeant Psycho goes about killing the undoubtedly innocent that even biased media couldn’t try and prove to be potential terrorists. And the government defends the punishable-by-death by ever-so-popular-escape-from-trouble diagnosis of INSANE.

Little light for you all living in the dark believing the armed forces to be some sort of “heroes”:

In With the Old Breed, Marine Eugene B. Sledge not only describes his formerly perfectly normal comrades cutting gold teeth out of the mouths of still-living enemies but also watches as someone urinates into the mouth of a dead Japanese soldier.

When mass media gets brave enough to finally report some truth, we see history repeating in Afghanistan when the marines were caught urinating on Taliban corpses. FIIIIINNNNEEE… let’s imagine I believe they were terrorists. But wasn’t the task just to kill them? Or urinating on corpses is actually on a US Marine’s job description?

Very similar to Philip Caputo’s memoir A Rumor of War, in which his men joke, “Oh, excuse me, Mister Charlie,” after kicking the corpse of a teen whom they knew was not Viet Cong but shot anyway, for swiping a tree branch at them and running away.

Yeah, job description it seems like it.

And now, Mr Psycho has been flown out of Afghanistan to a secret location. Why? If he was indeed as psycho as the American government would like us to believe, why not have a trial on the grounds he committed this brutality? Very brave, “heroes”. 

Truth too hard to swallow, still? Are the direct confessions of ex-marines above not enough to tell you exactly how many “terrorists” they are killing to earn the title of “hero”?! You know what, call a soldier a fucking hero when he is on his own fucking land protecting his own country - not invading other lands and killing who knows how many people on their own lands for making the mistake of being spotted by him.